Bruno Zupan portrait

BRUNO ZUPAN celebrates the Earth in each of his paintings. His vibrant colors and spontaneous brushwork capture fleeting moments of light in such a way that the viewer feels present at the scene as his brush flies across the canvas. First there is the rapid placement of structure and perspective then the layering on of color and shape. He goes into a sort of trance urging the brush to put into focus the idea he wishes to express. He mixes color instinctively, entirely lost in the creative process from which he emerges only when his energy is spent. That great explosion of energy and concentration, compressed desire and triumph leaps to the surface and repeats the message endlessly: Look! Respond! Admire with me, the painter, this earth upon which we have shared an intimate moment.

He has traveled around the earth and explored cities and beaches, mountains, rivers and pastures – winter, night and day, spring and summer. Has tasted the fruits freely given to us, and felt a tinge of despair at each spectacular sunset. Venice, Mallorca, Paris, Boston and New York are his locations of choice. This web site presents recent paintings, graphic works, publications, and an informal assembly of press clips that have narrated this happy and productive life.

Triptych Almond Grove in Mallorca

Triptych: Almond Grove in Mallorca,
51 X 99 inches

Boston Public Garden Painting by Bruno Zupan

Boston Public Gardens at Twilight,
51 X 70 inches

unfinished rocks and sea

Initial drawing for a study of rocks and sea.