Press Releases from 1965 to 2022.

Bruno and I were twenty and twenty-four when we bumped into each other that September in Paris. We had no language in common. He had learned a bit of English from rock and roll lyrics and my French was basic. Our first dates were to the Louvre and to the opera: Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. What an overload of greatness. What rainbows in the sky inspired our pursuit of beauty in all its forms.

His more than 200 exhibitions in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Hawaii, Columbus, Atlanta, Tokyo, Washington, Paris, Madrid, Palma, Albuquerque, Houston, Palm Beach, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Valencia, Kuwait City, Athens, Salonica, Valldemossa, Chattanooga, Moultrie, La Châtre, and Lisbon all generated articles in the press.

Following are what we have saved from sixty years of comment. We invite you to scroll through the articles written by so many caring and talented writers. Clason Kyle and Chuck Williams in Columbus, Ed McCormick and Denis Wepman in New York, and Mary Carroll Nelson at American Artist have done the long informative interviews that you will find below. You will find the New York Times review of his graphic work for the United Nations Headquarters, comment in the Boston Globe, and a Herald Tribune nationwide press release about one of his New York exhibitions. Live video interviews can be seen on YouTube. Search my channel, Jane Zupan, to get to the best ones.

You will question the lack of organization, the absence of chronological consideration, and general creased and discolored appearance of many clips. But isn’t that the way memory works? Fleeting glimpses of what happened so long ago, like starlings gathered in a great murmuration, together but each unique.